INTEGRATIVE FAÇADES. Everything that can happen between inside and outside


Título: INTEGRATIVE FAÇADES. Everything that can happen between inside and outside

Coordinación: Cristina Pardal / Enrique Corbat

Autores del texto:

Ana Bassat and Pablo Garrido Giancarlo Mazzanti
Carme Pinós
Hooman Balazadeh

Marta Peris and José Toral Caspar Schols
Santiago Cirugeda
Judith Leclerc and Jaime Coll Andrew Kiel

Brenda Parker and Marcos Cruz Stefan Behnisch
Oriol Roig
Dickson Despommier
Valerian Amalric

Idiomas: Inglés
Editor: Recolectores Urbanos Editorial
Colección: [CSS] conferences 023
ISBN: 978-84-123141-9-9

PVP con IVA: 24 €

Nº de páginas: 222
Dimensiones: 170×240 mm
Cubierta: Blanda
Lugar y fecha publicación: Málaga Diciembre 2023
Materia: Arquitectura, Sostenibilidad, Envolventes.


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This publication addresses the integration of various functions in the façade.

It is not a compendium of case studies, it does not address construction solutions for integration, nor is it a catalogue of any kind. It generates more questions than answers.

The editors introduce a topic they have been working on for years at the university. On this occasion, they sought the opinions of professionals worldwide on the suitability, feasibility, and strategies for integrating specific functions into the façade. The functions are not, nor could they be, an exhaustive list. They are only a sample. Some are essential façade functions, and others are simple suggestive proposals.

The book’s sole objective is to open the mind to a rich, complex façade design that considers this architectural element not as matter and a boundary but as a space with unique conditions with great potential for development and the integration of functions.


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